Relationships: Lack of Care or Lack of Capacity?

Day in and day out, I log onto social media to hundreds -thousands- of women up in arms about something that happened within the confines of their relationship. Because I've been there, I know how frustrated one must be to put themselves and their lover on blast, and if we're being honest, for very little [...]


Woman’s Work (5/14/19 journal entry)

I have been asked to understand a lot of things in my lifetime. One might even say that in some cases, premature knowledge was violently thrust upon me far before I could've ever been reasonably expected to dissect + understand. With age and experience came perhaps the most valuable realization: The only thing we can [...]

Embracing Single Motherhood: A Reclamation of Power

When Trey's dad and I split, perhaps the most terrifying truth I had to face was the fact that our separation gave way to me taking on an entirely new approach towards motherhood. It was an approach that I'd witnessed from many different angles growing up, and one that I'd always feared as a result [...]

The Elephant In The Room: Part Two

If you've already read part one, understand that it only gets worse from there. With that being said, unlike in part one, I won't go too much into detail about the happenings of the weeks leading up to today. Keep in mind that while reading this might feel like entertainment to some of you, writing [...]

How Netflix’s “Thirteen Reasons Why” Totally Missed The Mark.

Two days ago, I watched the season two finale of Netflix's "Thirteen Reasons Why." Before you go on, please consider that I'm a grown ass woman who, for the most part, is both aware and in control of the state of her mental health. Unfortunately, this did not matter. For reasons I'm currently trying to [...]